If you are wondering what to plant in May, you are in the right place!

It is said that May is the month of flowers and we can only agree.

Most ornamental plants begin flowering and horticultural grow quickly, all thanks to the increase in temperatures and hours of light, which greatly accelerate their development.

Here are some tips to make the most of your plants and find out what to plant in May.

We take advantage of vertical space

We used to place all the vases on the ground, on the floor, or the railings, forgetting the walls of our terraces and balconies.

It is a precious space to be filled with flowers and plants, plus placing plants on the walls helps to refresh the interior of the house.

One more reason to take this into account if your balcony becomes an oven during the summer months.

Fortunately, the manufacturers have realized this and offer new products to make the most of the vertical space :

From stackable pots in which we can grow multiple plants, plant bags to hang on the walls and vertical railings or planters in which to grow ornamental, aromatic or small horticultural plants.

Even the typical vases to be fixed to the walls are available at an angle so as not to leave any space uncovered. Let’s not forget the windows, with supports and pot holders suitable for all spaces.

May is also the month of Mother’s Day, and many of these ideas could be of help to give her a gift!

An idea could be the trolleys with wheels for those huge and difficult to move pots, especially when cleaning.

Dare to combine different plants

The experience that we will accumulate year after year will allow us to make the most of the cultivation spaces and get the best from our planters, especially if we have limited spaces available, and we want to maximize the aesthetic result.

Avoid the easiest mistake to make: putting plants with different light and/or irrigation needs together.

For example, plant mint (which needs a lot of water) and rosemary (which prefers more distant watering) in the same pot.

For this, we recommend that you inform yourself about the needs of each plant before planting or sowing them!

If we grow horticultural plants, we must know that many varieties can grow together because they help each other, because they don’t compete for the same nutrients or have different growth cycles.

For example: to sow lettuce growing rapidly this season the side of tomatoes, peppers or eggplants, will maximize the space. When the lettuce is ready to be harvested, the rest of the plants have just started blooming.

The onions can be grown safely with summer crops because its roots are very shallow, also, their smell away some pests. A very apt combination is that of onions with carrots since the smell of the former removes the flies that can attack the latter.

Homework for May

  • Increase watering to your plants by following rising temperatures. On very sunny days, they will appreciate abundant watering preferably at sunset, so they will have more time to rehydrate.
  • Add fertilizer to most plants, especially if they are flowers. This is the secret to having plants full of flowers for prolonged periods.
  • If you have thinning spots on the lawn, it’s a good time to replant. Temperatures favor rapid growth and you can take advantage of it very soon.
  • Beware of pests, because high temperatures help them reproduce easily. Do not forget to check well under the leaves, where they usually hide and apply remedies against the more resistant ones.

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