The smell of the soil, the toil of work, the joy of seeing what has been planted grow … The call of the earth!

It may seem strange, but the city people also like to eat healthy and natural foods.

This is why the desire to “return to earth” is spreading more and more. But you know, the cities are not famous for their large expanses of arable fields … This is why in Italy, more and more cities have decided to make green spaces available for citizens to cultivate.

But what exactly are urban gardens?

It is in these two words that the solution for lovers of healthy food and DIY in the city is contained! The Urban Gardens are in fact common lands that can be cultivated by the community. Often these are managed by associations but all citizens can use them.

The first urban garden was created in New York in 1973. In that year, New York was going through a period of the financial crisis and many properties were abandoned. It was in one of these abandoned places that Liz Christie created the priam “Community Garden”.

Since then, Urban Gardens have spread more and more in all the cities of the world. In fact, these represent not only the possibility of growing one’s own fruit and vegetables, but also a new way of socializing with other people.

In Italy, in the last two years, urban gardens have tripled, reaching 3.3 million square meters.

Urban gardens have totally revolutionized the concept of agriculture in the city. But it is true that you do not always have time to go to the closest vegetable garden and grow your own vegetables. After a day of work, people can’t wait to go home! It is for this reason that we want to give you some advice on how to create a vegetable garden in your home, obviously adapting it to your urban, even domestic, spaces.

How do you create a vegetable garden at home?

The first thing to do is to choose the right place to place your vegetable garden! We advise you to choose a space where there is not too much airflow. It is also very important that the place you have chosen is very bright (If it faces south even better).

Now you need to choose the right pots: to make this choice, consider the space you have available and the type of fruit/vegetables you want to grow. Normally the plants will not require you more than 10/15 cm of depth in the soil, but you must also consider the length of the roots.
If you don’t really have a green thumb, we advise you to start growing foods that are simple to take care of, above all because they are quite resistant to parasites and climate change.

Here are the foods we recommend you grow in your personal garden:

  • Tomatoes: A nice bruschetta with fresh tomatoes: who doesn’t love this delicious snack? Growing tomatoes is easy: the important thing is to always keep the earth moist. We advise you to plant cherry tomatoes in particular, which take up little space and are delicious!
  • Salad: To plant the salad you will need some space: in fact, about 20 cm is needed between one seed and another. In addition, the salad is an easy vegetable to plant and care for!
  • Carrots: the only secret to growing carrots: always keep the soil moist!

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