In the preparation of our dishes, onion is the basic ingredient that cannot be missing.

In this article, we show you how to grow onions starting from the plantation of bulbils.

This type of cultivation is easier than that of onion seedlings grown from seed since the bulbils of the onions are easy to handle and do not need to be thinned or transplanted.

How to grow onions:

The cultivation of onions by bulbils is particularly suitable for those types of soil that tend to become very humid during the winter. Onions are grown from bulbils, in fact, tend to bloom prematurely in cases where there is no constant supply of water during growth.

At first glance, the cultivation of onions from bulbils may seem disadvantageous compared to that from seeds, since only one onion is obtained from a bulbil. However, it is important to emphasize that what is obtained from a small bulbil is a large onion which, as we well know, has the characteristic of developing in layers. Furthermore, cultivation from bulbils is extremely practical for the reasons set out above.

When to grow onions:

The best time to plant onion bulbils is from April, depending on the weather, until the end of May.

Onion bulbils can be sold loose or, much more frequently, in half-kilo weight retinas. Each retina contains approximately 120-160 bulbils depending on the onion varieties we are going to buy.

To plant the bulbils, a seeding of bulbs could help you bought the bulbils before the planting period or after the purchase the weather conditions worsened, and they did not allow us to plant them, it is good not to keep them in their wrapping but to relax them in full light in a cool and dry place so that they do not grow prematurely.

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